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The Begining

Nail Art


In school I had a distinction in art, which was my favorite subject of course. After school I went to study Interior Design and got my Degree. I did not pursue a career in this, not that I did not love what I studied, there was just always that something missing.

After my studies I went and did a tattoo course which I enjoyed very much, but unfortunately due to circumstances I had to find a work in the corporate environment which completely ended my tattoo career. I continued with my art, part-time, painting and drawing whenever I found the time to do so. I went through extreme dark days and my art was my comfort during those days. I decided to take a course in fine arts, yet I still did not have an idea what to do for a career.

Afterwards I decided to do a nail course. I was extremely indecisive and constantly thought that I am doing all this with no outcome, however I did not know that everything that I was doing would all contribute to what I am doing today. But this is definitely a story for next time.
Stay tuned.........